Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Chicago Diner!

The pasta and vegetarian meatballs at Chicago Diner. (Photo: Chicago Diner)

Lakeview vegetarian gem Chicago Diner boasts that it's been "meat free" since opening in 1983.

They're celebrating 27 years in business with a weeklong event where prices will be rolled back to original prices.


Today through Friday choose from a number of sandwiches for $4.95 and drinks for $3. For example, Monday's special is the diner burger paired with Peak Organic beer; Wednesday get ready for a black bean burger paired with Three Floyds; and Friday's deal is Philly "steak" and Cliff Climber wine.

If you're craving for more than a sandwich—and since its Meatball Mondays—of course we're going to rec the pasta , which comes with baked seitan "meatballs." It's topped with a zesty tomato basil sauce and comes with a slice of garlic bread. $11.99.

Yet another reason why the The Meatball Shop needs to come to Chicago!


Unknown said...

Jason and I had veal meatball sliders at Quartino this weekend and I thought of you! :) If you haven't had before, they are highly recommended and only $2 each!

312 Dining Diva said...

I've had them and they are spectacular! Thanks for the reminder! ;)