Thursday, March 25, 2010

Solstice Showcases Seafood, Local Chefs

Thankfully this little fishy won't be on the menu during the party at the Shedd. (Photo: Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co.)

Maybe this little bit of news will warm you up . . .

A collective of local all-star chefs teams up with Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co. for the Solstice at the Shedd to spotlight the Right Bite program.

Perennial's Executive Chef Ryan Poli is one of several chefs participating in the annual "Solstice" party at the Shedd. (Photo: Perennial)

At the root of the program is the Shedd's Right Bite Seafood Wallet Card, which diners can use to make the best choices about seafood. The card ranks 39 species or groups of fish and shellfish by color bar. For example, if the fish is ranked "green" (such as Alaskan halibut, farmed clams and mussels), then it is relatively abundant and caught or farmed in a way casing little harm to habitat and other marine life. If the seafood is ranked "red" (sharks and Chilean sea bass), however, consumers should proceed with caution.

For the event, which takes place June 22 under a tent on the grounds of the Shedd, the chefs will each prepare a dish using sustainable and environmentally responsible seafood. Stations will be set up throughout the tent and cocktails will be served.

Confirmed chefs: Rodelio Aglibot (Sunda); David Carrier (Kith & Kin); Curtis Duffy (Avenues at the Peninsula); Kendall Duque (Cuna); Paul Fehribach (Big Jones); Phillip Foss (Lockwood); Troy Graves (Eve); Rick Gresh (David Burke's Primehouse); Ryan Poli (Perennial); Mike Sheerin (Blackbird); Pat Sheerin (Signature Room); Todd Stein (Cibo Matto); Cary Taylor (The Southern); Paul Virant (Vie); and Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia).

They're also planning to have an oyster shucking contest and salmon butchering competition, which pits guests against pros.

Unfortunately, the free event is closed to the public, but five lucky people following 312DD on Twitter will each win a pair of tickets.

We'll keep you updated!

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