Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How They Celebrated On Their Big Day

The Alinea staff (Photo: Grant Achatz)

The hard-working staff of Alinea worked their asses off to get those three coveted Michelin stars, so we weren't surprised to see this tweet from Grant Achatz hours after the announcement:

"Not going to lie... We have ripped through some 1985 Krug today..."

The partying likely started at the Lincoln Park restaurant, then dinner at Balsan, but it ended in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday at Gold Coast hot spot The Drawing Room, according to an Ultimate Insider.

The Drawing Room's Charles Joly gleefully making cocktails for the Alinea crew Tuesday night.

My source said the entire Alinea staff showed up with family, friends and a video crew. He added that the smallish dining room was jam packed and that Achatz gave a speech.

I'm certain that video will be circulating online by the weekend, and you just know that I'll add it here as soon as I get my hands on it!

UPDATE: Also in the house celebrating that night until 4am were newly Michelin starred recipients Curtis Duffy (Avenues) and Michael Carlson (Schwa), who worked with Achatz years ago at the now-shuttered Trio.

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Anonymous said...

now the Krug, that's some excellent celebrating! I hear the cooks at L20 all got 3 star tats. Morons.