Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Chef's Perspective on Michelin

Chef Ryan Poli of Perennial.

Chicago's most prominent food writers are not the only ones with an opinion on Tuesday's first-ever announcement of Michelin stars.

Ryan Poli, the chef at Perennial who received Bib Gourmand honors, has a few things on his mind as well:

"But what does it really mean, what will Michelin really do for Chicago?

"In my opinion, it added strength to an already strong community of chefs and restaurateurs.

"I never got a sense of competition about these awards or jealously, rather a bond of (camaraderie) with chefs cheering for chefs and wishing the best for each others restaurants.

"There is something that needs to be said for Chicago chefs and the strong community we have built. My i phone blew up with text messages and emails the day I was awarded a bib gourmand from people I hardly new or have not spoken to in months…even years.

"This reassured me of what kinda town Chicago is and what type of chef community we have in this wonderful city."

Koren Grieveson, chef de cuisine at avec. (Photo: Jessica Tampas Photography)

In a second post titled "Twinkle, Twinkle" (little star, get it?!), he gave avec super chef Koren Grieveson a nice little shout out because her West Loop resto didn't get the one star everyone thought it would get.

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