Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Le Passage Closes After 12 Years

(Photo: via Planet 99)

So. We've got even more closings to report.

Perhaps the recent reunion for Le Passage happened because someone knew it was closing soon.

After 12 years, its current owners (who also own The Drawing Room, Cans, EvilOlive, Salud) have decided to transform it into Privét, which they're calling "a private, upscale nightclub inspired by old-world royalty."

There is no guest list or RSVP. Entry is based on the networks of staff and management. The Drawing Room, which is adjacent to the space, remains open and has not been affected by the changes.

Privét opens to the public Jan. 14.

1 comment:

leyla said...

Oh no, does this mean The Drawing Room is also closing? If so, I will have ONE place to hang out in my neighborhood. Bernards.