Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bedford, Southern Mac Truck Team Up

(Photo: Mark Steuer)

As we continue to wait for chef Mark Steuer to open The Bedford in the Wicker Park 'hood, here's something to keep us occupied in the meantime.

Apparently, he's teamed up with The Southern's mac 'n' cheese truck to give us a preview of what to expect when his resto opens in April.

He's hopping aboard March 22-24, and proceeds from his creations will go towards local charity The Working Bikes Cooperative. Working Bikes is a not-for-profit organization that diverts bicycles from the waste stream in Chicago by repairing them for sale and charity.

Here's what he will be serving:

Kasespaetzle: macaroni with Gruyere, charred onions and crispy braised pork belly

Macaroni Carbonara: Pancetta, shallots, peas, béchamel, touch of egg yolk and parmesan

Macaroni Stroganoff: roasted mushrooms, meatballs, sherry and blue cheese gravy

Damn. Those ALL sound good as hell!


Krista said...

Seriously, if I have the opportunity to choose, Käsespätzle will be my absolute last meal on earth. So delicious.

I will try to track down The Southern's truck, but really, I cannot wait until The Bedford opens!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of these gourmet food trucks...but HATE how they never seem to be able to park anywhere other than smack-dead in the middle of the loop. or west loop. or south loop. With all the hundreds of neighborhoods chicago has, the fact that I've never heard of the Mac n Cheese truck ever being outside of the loops boundaries (with a slight exception of the UIC area...which is hardly an exception) its quite disappointing.
I would love to support not only The Southern, but also the up n coming Bedford...just so happens I never can be where they are in order to support.
stupid stupid.

312 Dining Diva said...

Hey, Anon!

I'm totally with you because I don't work or live in the Loop either and it's pretty frustrating tracking all these food trucks on Twitter--and they're all in those areas.

In other major cities (NYC, LA, Dallas, and even Denver), the food trucks stay in a designated spot and typically hit areas that are not already overdone with varied eating opportunities.

Here's to hoping Mayor-Elect Emmanuel changes the food truck ordinance when he gets in office so that we also can enjoy them in hoods outside of downtown . . .