Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feast Your Eyes . . .


. . . on the world's most expensive patty melt!

Just when I had thought I'd seen it all, David Burke's Primehouse Executive Chef Rick Gresh has created the most luxurious sandwich sold in Chicago.

Beginning Friday (and sold ONLY on Fridays), guests can order the $225 (YES, you read that correctly!) sandwich that comes loaded with its famed 40-day dry aged burger. It's topped with caramelized ramps pickled in-house, Vidalia onion, Hostettler Bergblumenkaese cheese, seared foie gras and shaved black truffles.

All that goodness is encased in foie gras brioche made in house (in which fresh, foie gras butter is incorporated into freshly baked brioche). You'll also get lobster tater tots (pictured; photo: David Burke's Primehouse) accompanied by a rich, creamy caviar Hollandaise for dipping.

Reservations are recommended . . . and you'll likely need to leave your credit card number too.

Can you handle it?!

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