Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You'll Stay Skinny With These Boozy Sippers!

Clockwise from top: Le Colonial's Guava Bellini, Ha Long Fizz, Mekong Sunset and Le Coco Tropique. (Photo: Le Colonial)

So, I've pretty much made it clear that my "go to" cocktail is a classic Champagne Cocktail—a drink that every bartender should have memorized.

I love them so much, but the problem is that after three or four or five of them, you've almost surpassed your caloric intake for the day. That's why I've been lucky enough to be introduced to my favorite new cocktails at Le Colonial's sexy Gold Coast upstairs lounge.

With a brand-new line of calorie-conscious cocktails—all under 150 calories each!—they've taken in consideration that we don't want to sacrifice taste just because we're watching our waistlines. We're also not into "light" beer and I cannot tell you how many of us are so over the vodka-and-soda combo.

So these cocktails are a welcome addition to the menu, particularly the bubbly Guava Bellini, which is enhanced by pure guava puree and topped off with Pierre Delize Blanc de Blancs. As gin drinkers and enthusiasts, we were also big fans of the Ha Long Fizz, made with Hendricks Gin and organic Rishi Green Mint Tea, muddled with cucumber, mint leaves and lime, and topped with club soda.

For those who prefer more citrus-y flavors, the Mekong Sunset (Belvedere Cytrus and Organic Rishi Tangerine Ginger Tea, muddled with fresh ginger, orange and mint) and Le Coco Tropique (Bacardi Coco and pineapple juice, with muddled pineapple, basil and lime, topped with club soda) were also good choices.

For additional ideas on where to go for "skinny" cocktails, check out my story right here on Dining Chicago.


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