Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Be Surprised If You Run Into . . .


. . . Lady Gaga this weekend.

The mega pop star checked into a luxe Gold Coast hotel Thursday, and according to my Ultimate Insider, "She is occupying a full floor with her team and she has two suites (one for her and one for her clothes)." She's in town to tape the Oprah show Friday.

You already know that Gaga's a big foodie, and in the past she's visited Kuma's for burgers and apparently wore a leotard at Table Fifty-Two.

Where will she dine this weekend?! I'll try to keep you in the loop, or if you spot her out and about, lemme know . . .

1 comment:

S said...

Or Jessica Simpson. Saw her dining at the Paris Club last night. She's much shorter than I thought!