Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Being 'The Hottest Game In Town'

Kevin Boehm of the Boka Restaurant Group. (Photo: taken from Boehm's Facebook page)

In 2011 alone, Kevin Boehm (one half of the fabulous Boka Restaurant Group boys with Rob Katz) has gotten accolade upon accolade for his various culinary projects.

From Stephanie Izard's Beard nom for Girl & The Goat to snagging the Rising Star Restaurateur Award from StarChefs, the praises just keep on coming.

And with Perennial Virant set to open in May and Little Goat arriving in the autumn, we don't see this train stopping any time soon.

But Boehm says, despite the success, he won't let it go to his head:

"Once you start thinking you are the hottest game in town, it's over. We are just trying to concentrate on serving people great food and giving great service. The hottest game in town is the town itself.

"The restaurant scene has never been better and we are just happy to be a small part of it."

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