Monday, April 25, 2011

Urban Belly Alum Needs Your Help!

Midnight Moxie members Sarah Chang (from left), Meg O'Reilly and Nia O'Reilly Amandes (Photo: Midnight Moxie)

Former Urban Belly/Belly Shack Chef Sarah Chang and fellow members of contempo doo-wop group Midnight Moxie are only about $1,500 short of seeing their dream realized.

You see, they need exactly $3,500 to finish their first album, Don't Stop, and their "customer service employee/teacher/self-employed chef paychecks" are not getting them there. So if 13-year-old Rebecca Black could manage to get support for that ridiculous Friday song, there's no reason why these girls shouldn't get their wish fulfilled. And they're actually talented.

So, naturally they've taken to the Internet to gain support, and they've got little over a week to come up with the $$$.

Help out a girl in need, why dontcha?! If they're successful, and depending on how much you donate, you'll get a signed autographed copy of Don't Stop, limited edition Midnight Moxie poster, birthday greeting from the girls, or dinner for two at Belly Shack.

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