Monday, April 25, 2011

Wanna Skip The Line At Doughnut Vault?!

Doughnut Vault's chocolate glazed. (Photo: Doughnut Vault)

If you're like me and waited on a cold and blustery day for an hour and still left empty handed at Doughnut Vault, definitely keep reading:

Owner Brendan Sodikoff has decided to make getting his irresistible doughnuts easier for at least one lucky fan. He's working on holding a charity auction for a special VIP card that will allow you to get "free" doughnuts and no wait in that long-ass line.

He says there will be a limit of 12 doughnuts a week and the card will be good for one year. They'll also offer only one VIP card each year, so something tells me this contest is going to get very competitive. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the Voices and Faces Project.

The auction runs noon Wednesday, May 4 to noon Friday, May 6 on Twitter @doughnutvault . . .


Anonymous said...

doughnut plant in nyc is much much better. DV is not worth the wait.its all show and no go

12345 said...

I wasn't all that impressed with Doughnut Plant. Plus the owner was way too flamboyant on Throwdown. May try DV when I'm in town this year. I'll let you know which one better. The best basic doughnut is the fresh Apple Fritter at Bob's Coffee and Donuts in Los Angeles.