Friday, July 15, 2011

New Underground Party Delivers On Fun

The Chicago Cabaret Project's "The Soiree Series" is an underground live performance/party taking place in fabulous Chicago homes. (Photos: Chicago Cabaret Project)

It's no secret that I've been complaining about the lack of creativity on Chicago's nightlife scene for awhile. Same old, same old, give us something new!

So I was pretty excited when I got an invitation to attend The Chicago Cabaret Project's first-ever The Soiree Series on Thursday.

They had me at cabaret, but what truly intrigued me to make an appearance was the underground aspect of the event. The group's founder/artistic director Kyle Hustedt's vision of The Soiree Series is to bring an authentic cabaret experience to some of the most fabulous homes in Chicago.

Guests mingling near the pool at the Soiree Series.

And yes, he delivered! Guests who purchased the $50 tickets received an email about the location the day of the party. I'm certain none were disappointed as the inaugural event was held in a glamorous, multi-level mansion in Lincoln Park.

As the 50 or so guests arrived, they were encouraged to mingle near the luxurious outdoor pool with bubbly, cocktails and appetizers. It was quite stunning and the spacious area looked like something out of a Miami Beach hotel, complete with sleek furniture and a well-manicured garden.

Just inside, on the first level, a main room was set up in true cabaret style: intimate lighting, loungy chairs and hi-top tables. And because the series debuted on Bastille Day, there were little French accents on the tables to pay homage.

The performers—decked out in colorful cabaret splendor of fishnets, bustiers, GLITTER and feather boas—melded into the atmosphere with ease as they performed numbers from their hit show, The Undateable Me, and interacted with the guests.

What I particularly liked about the performance was the true connection the actors/singers made with the audience. When they were not performing, they were chatting up guests, delivering drinks to tables or just hanging out looking fabulous. They were the perfect hosts!

The Chicago Cabaret Project's next Soiree Series will take place in September at another spectacular home in Chicago. Each one will have a different theme, and they're considering adding a local mixologist to the mix for the next one.

For more information, check out their page right here.

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