Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Most Annoying Part of 'Top Chef Just Desserts' Premiere

Amanda Rockman of The Bristol. (Photo: Stronghold Photography)

Excuse me for the early rant, but I'm a little miffed about Wednesday's premiere of Top Chef Just Desserts.

Of course it's partly due to the fact that we haven't had a Chicago girl chef on the popular Bravo franchise since Girl & The Goat's Stephanie Izard won in Top Chef season four.

But it mostly has to do with how the only Chicago contestant, The Bristol's Amanda Rockman, was introduced to viewers during this premiere.

While most of the contestants were introduced within the first five minutes of the show, we didn't get to "meet" Rockman until they were already full on into the first challenge, the Quickfire.

And I'm not being totally biased because she's from Chicago, but because she actually won that challenge with what the judges called the most unique offering. She also didn't get much screen time during the entire 60 minutes.

By the way, not only did Rockman win the Quickfire, but her team went on to win the main competition of the evening. It was a take on fairy tales.

We'll see if she gets more shine next week. Until then, if you missed the show, here's a recap of the premiere episode from

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Arsenalmelier said...

You've got to remember that "reality" tv is "produced" by "directors." Therefore, in the debutant episodes, they highlight those that probably will get or come close to getting the axe. If you are completely ignored, that is a good thing. They are probably going to tell your story later.