Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rick Gresh Goes Haute Casual

Chef Rick Gresh's "The Hangover Dog" (Photo: America's Dog) and Gresh. (right photo: David Burke's Primehouse)

David Burke's Primehouse's Executive Chef Rick Gresh may be a fine-dining culinary star, but he always seems to get more pleasure when he's putting his spin on comfort-food dishes.

In his latest collaboration with America's Dog, he's created a signature dog for the monthly program featuring high-profile local chefs.

His Hangover Dog is topped with house-made bacon mustard (WTF?!), caramelized onions, beer-battered jalapenos and a fried egg. That's available at all locations in October for $3.99.

And over at Primehouse, he's gleefully bringing back the $5 Burkers. OctoBurg Fest runs Oct. 17-20 during lunchtime, and features a menu of Gresh's limited-edition burgers, including the signature award-winning 40 Day Dry Aged Burger that's enclosed in a signature potato bun. Toppings are extra and include Cheddar or Swiss cheese ($1), bacon ($2), a fried egg ($2), as well as garlicky spinach, bacon mayo and fried shallots ($3).

Another awesome option during OctoBurg Fest is the Burke Castle Salad, which is also $5. That comes with an onion griddled burger, mixed greens, tomato dressing, croutons and goat cheese fondue.

Reservations are highly recommended by calling the resto right here.

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