Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wow Bao Truck Is On The Move!

First photos of the Wow Bao Truck. (Photos: 312 Dining Diva)

It's a few weeks behind schedule, but better late than never, eh?!

Wow Bao's—and Lettuce Entertain You's—first food truck hit the streets previewing for select media outlets Tuesday, and 312DD's crib was one of the first spots on the trail.

The mobile vehicle officially launches to the public Wednesday, offering the signature pillowy, savory bites known as "baos" in flavors like teriyaki chicken, spicy Mongolian beef, spicy Kung Pao chicken and BBQ pork.


Look for the truck in the downtown area Monday through Friday selling about 750 baos (two pieces per package, so 350 boxes) as well as the signature bottled ginger ale in flavors of pomegranate and jasmine. Each Bao combo box is $5.

The only disappointment?! The Wow Bao folks attempted to get a "Hot Buns" vanity license plate, but the state turned them down because that's too racy. WTF?!

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