Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pump Room Appoints New Exec Chef

The Pump Room's dining room. (Photo: The Pump Room)

There's been a little chef shuffling over at The Pump Room this week.

Apparently, Executive Sous Chef Moosah Reaume's replacing Bradford Phillips as executive chef. And, according to owner Ian Schrager in a press release just sent out, nothing will really change.

His statement indicates that no matter who "runs" the kitchen, The Pump Room's cuisine will always be Jean Georges Vongerichten-focused:

"While I wish Brad Phillips the best in the future, the Pump Room kitchen is very well organized and well-run through my partnership with Jean Georges Vongerichten and the culinary team he has implemented, and it has always been a Jean Georges Vongerichten restaurant with Jean-Georges award winning food."

Phillips, meanwhile, is going back to LM Restaurant as a partner on various new concepts.

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