Monday, September 17, 2012

Moto's Homaro Cantu Offers a Solution to the Chicago Teachers' Strike


Homaro Cantu (iNG/Moto) expressed his frustrations of the latest news on Chicago's striking teachers on Facebook Sunday.

But unlike most critics, the award-winning chef didn't just complain, he offered a number of viable solutions that he wants to put into action immediately.

"Studies have shown home schooling is really effective. Perhaps that's what this comes down to," he wrote on his page, and then put out a challenge. "Who wants to help me teach science during the daytime at Moto? Perhaps we can make something positive happen here. We have an amazing (healthy) lunch program, they can get top quality demonstrations and it's a sh*tload of fun. Who's in?"

After a number of exchanges with interested parties, he added: "I don't like focusing on the problem. I like thinking about a solution I can control. Nothing will get resolved unless we collectively resolve it without unions in the here and now. This thing could go on for weeks. That's not going to work.

"We have projectors, laptops, iPads, GOOGLE, pretty much everything a teacher could need to teach most grade levels of math, science, chemistry, and of course, the culinary arts," he continued. "I just need a teacher to do it, I will provide the perfect resources and a fun place to teach. ... My space can take 25 kids, plus the teacher and an assistant. If we can nail it down I will set it up with pencils, paper, ebooks and the whole shot."

Even if the teachers' conflict ends this week, Cantu's idea still sounds like something he should pursue. Maybe not every day, but a weekly program for children would be a totally awesome experience for them!

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