Wednesday, May 8, 2013

UPDATED: Socca Partner/Chef Roger Herring Opts Out Of Lakeview Restaurant

The interior of Socca (Photos: Socca)

Roger Herring, partner/chef of Socca, announced Wednesday that he was leaving the popular Wrigleyville restaurant.

"I made the 86 board at Socca. Next chapter...different book!" he wrote on Facebook. " was time to go. Sign a lease or go! I didn't sign."

Here's a statement from Socca's management team on the future of the restaurant:

Socca's massive, one-pound meatball serves two to four people.

"Socca's current lease expires on June 30 (which may be extended), and we plan on serving the same great food that you have been enjoying for the past decade. We also plan on bringing back Socca favorites such as the monster meatball.

"The team at Socca wishes its chef and fearless leader, Roger Herring, the best in all of his future endeavors. Rest assured, the culinary team of Joel, Ricky and Pelone, who have been leading the charge in the kitchen for the past couple of years, will continue to create the dishes that our guests (have come to love)."


Anonymous said...

Chef Herring is leaving Socca but there is no current plan for Socca to shutter.

Anonymous said...

Socca has long been very meh.

Anonymous said...

Chef Herring has left to move on to new endeavors. Without him, socca will need a heart transplant. I weep for it's future

Anonymous said...

Socca will not be the same without Roger Herring. Plan on nose dive for the remaining partners. Bad, bad move to part ways with the guy - great vision, great food. We will miss him.