Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baume & Brix Closes Saturday

(Photo: Baume & Brix)

Eater Chicago broke the news Monday that Baume & Brix co-executive chef Ben Roche jumped ship, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's closing.

An Ultimate Insider dropped a dime about the progressive restaurant's fate late Tuesday afternoon to 312DD:

"Baume & Brix is closing after service Saturday. Supposedly the name chefs are all already gone. It's going to become a nightclub and steakhouse called The Grid House."

A representative confirmed the closing, but not the new name and concept. Something tells me that we're on the right track because the lower-level sports lounge is called The Grid, which would make The Grid House a natural extension.

The thing is, however, is that owners Jeff Krogh and Steve Tavoso already have steak in nearby steakhouse Epic. Let's just watch what happens . . .

UPDATE: Tavoso called to confirm that Baume & Brix is closing Saturday, however, the name and concept have not been finalized. He plans to have that all in order by next week.


There's another big closing to report: Lakeview's La Creperie will shutter in late August, according to Crain's. The long-time French restaurant that opened in 1972 is closing because the owners are re-locating to Los Angeles:

"(The owners') son, Jeremy (Roignant), became involved in the restaurant after (his mother) died in 2002, but his involvement has tapered off in the last year as (general manager Yasmina) Ksikes assumed more responsibilities. She said, however, that she and her husband are moving to Los Angeles and are thinking about opening a creperie there. Mr. Roignant plans to return to his native Brittany, she adds, but may help them in Los Angeles with a new restaurant venture."

Au revoir, La Creperie!

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