Monday, February 3, 2014

'Balls' Was Secret Password To Get Into 'Chicago Fire' Party Where Lady Gaga Was Guest


And once word got out, the party wasn't so exclusive anymore, according to my Ultimate Insider.

My source was going for the free cocktails, so it was only until he arrived at Chop Shop on Saturday did he find out that it was also a birthday party for three of the cast members of "Chicago Fire," which airs on NBC.

He says that the average person hanging out at the Bucktown restaurant didn't even realize that Lady Gaga was in attendance because she was pretty much dressed like everyone else: in dark, casual clothing. "She didn't really stand out," he insisted.

But once word got out that the colorful pop icon was in the house, everyone in the front room bar wanted in on the "Chicago Fire" party in the back party space. The secret password was passed around like free Cheetos. By night's end, what was supposed to be a chilled-out evening for the cast, crew and friends turned into rockin' bash.

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