Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Matt Damon Cheers on Patriots at Jake Melnick's


This just dropped into the inbox:

"Matt Damon, who is currently shooting the movie Contagion in Chicago, relaxed at Jake Melnicks for a night of beer and Monday Night Football! Damon and some of the crew from the movie (about 16 people) shared appetizers and watched Damon's hometown team, the Patriots, play the Jets. Matt sampled a few craft brews before settling into the Lagunitas Farmhouse Saisson. The server said Damon was very gracious and the group left the server a great tip!"

Great to hear he's a nice, normal guy who tips well!

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Unknown said...

Seriously. It's always nice to hear when people with money take care of those who need it more than them! I love to hear about more movies being filmed here in Chicago as well. Way to represent!