Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Flavor Tripping:' 100% Sugar-Free Cocktails

Homaro Cantu's ING restaurant is poised to bring us 100 percent sugar-free Manhattans and more this summer.

There's nothing better than sipping sexy cocktails alfresco on a Chicago summer day. But all that daydrinking—and nightdrinking—can go straight to your hips, ass and thighs (I call it the HAT area) and that's the last thing you want.

But ING chef/owner Homaro Cantu believes he's found a solution to your worries with what he's calling the "world's only 'Flavor Tripping' cocktail menu." Will this scientific method, all the cocktails will be 100 percent sugar free.

How will this happen?!

According to this article in Discovery Health, "Flavor tripping occurs when you consume a berry known as miracle fruit. The berry coats your tongue in such a way that foods taste differently. Specifically, sour foods taste sweet. A lemon suddenly tastes like lemonade. Cheese tastes like frosting, and vinegar tastes like apple juice."

Cantu tells 312DD that he plans to serve "all kinds of crazy cocktails" using this sugar-free miracle fruit. And in addition to new drink options, he'll have standards like the Manhattan and Mojito on the restaurant's outdoor patio. He added that though the cocktails will not be calorie free, they will be "pretty darn close."

WOW. Watch out, Bethenny Frankel!

"This is definitely one of the coolest things I have been working on for the last six years, along with this," he said. "It's about having fun."

Look for the Flavor Tripping cocktail menu to roll out on ING's outdoor patio by month's end. Prices will range $10-$14.

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