Monday, January 14, 2013

Sushi Dokku—From Former Sushi Wabi Owners—Is Now Open For Business


Got a tip that Sushi Dokku opened for friends and family Monday evening.

I called, and sure enough the hostess who answered the phone invited me to "come on in" to check it out even though the restaurant wasn't officially opening until Jan. 15.

Sushi Dokku's arrival is exciting because it's from Susan Thompson and Angela Hepler-Lee—two-thirds of the former owners of the now-shuttered Sushi Wabi. If you remember, there was a ton of drama surrounding that closing.

Anyway, the new restaurant is directly across the street from the old venue, and regulars of Sushi Wabi should be happy to see some of the old menu standbys. New to the menu are what they're calling "dressed nigiri bites," which will be accompanied by garnishes and sauces. Expect also typical maki rolls, hot and cold Japanese dishes, and a small ramen menu.

Here are some photos of Sushi Dokku's menus. Yeah, you're going to have to squint a bit!



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