Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicago Travel Launches On With Dining, Drinking, Shopping, Theater-going & More

Naniwa's ultra fresh sashimi offering. (Photo: Naniwa)

My latest venture, Chicago Travel at, launched earlier this week.

I'm most excited about editing this new visitor's guide because it reminds me of the old days when I passionately wrote about all the cool goings-on in Chicago, including our vibrant theater and dining scenes, unique cultural offerings and offbeat shopping districts.

I've grown a lot more since those days and taken time to explore our city to the fullest, and I'm thrilled to get the rich opportunity to show it off to visitors.

This week's inaugural edition includes a ton of foodie stuff (of course!), including my top picks for brunch, best burger guide and some sensational sushi spots.

With such heavy dining content, I also felt compelled to write A Guide To Tipping In Chicago. And each month, I will introduce shop-a-holics to shopping districts beyond the usual suspects. For February, I put the spotlight on the Southport Corridor.

Look for the site to change early and often—after all that is the Chicago way!—and make sure you point your visiting family and friends to Chicago Travel.

Chicago, it's MY kind of town.

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