Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The First Grahamwich Review Is In . . .

The tofu veggie wrap at grahamwich. (Photos: Kelli Zink)

CelebTV's Kelli Zink is known for breaking news as an entertainment reporter, but this time she beat all the food writers to the punch with the scoop on the highly anticipated grahamwich (a.k.a. G'wich) from its rockin' namesake chef Graham Elliot.

But because she's a notorious vegetarian (actually occasional pescatarian), she only got the vegetarian wrap during a sneak-preview lunch event Tuesday. (Grahamwich opens Dec. 15 for lunch.)

Her review in less than 140 characters:

"Amazing tofu veggie wrap at Grahamwich."

Here's also a photo of the interior so you can peep the menu for yourself:


Also at the opening was Perennial's Ryan Poli as well as Alinea super chef Grant Achatz—who excitedly tweeted about being invited, but no review from him yet.

Chef Poli and Kelli Zink were the first to, ummm, sign grahamwich's wall. Oh, and it was GE-approved.

Grahamwich opens Wednesday, Dec. 15 and it is cash only.

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