Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rumormongering: Sub 51, Underground Closing For Renovations This Fall?!

Sub 51's interior. (Photo: Sub 51)

This dropped in the 312DD inbox from an Ultimate Insider Wednesday evening:

"Have you heard that UG and Sub 51 are closing for renovations in the next couple months? Both are rumored to be 'expanding.' Sub is closing as soon as September and Underground is supposed to shutter in November or I believe sometime in December."


Two fierce competitors a block away from one another renovating around the same time?! And let's not forget that some of their other venues are in close proximity as well. Rockit Ranch Productions' new Dragon Ranch is situated right next door to Lettuce Entertain You's incoming Bub City, while RPM Italian is two steps away from Underground.

It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out . . .

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Anonymous said...

Not sure who your "ultimate insider" is, but let me put the rumor to rest about Underground--there are no plans to close for renovations at this time.

Feel free to email me directly in the future about such rumors.

All the best,
-Tim Toomey