Sunday, February 3, 2013

What Exactly Happened To The Tortoise Club Over The Weekend?!

Tortoise Club exterior (Photo: Tortoise Club)

A loyal reader who lives in Marina City—located right off the Chicago River—took note of some frantic fixing up of the first-floor Tortoise Club early Sunday morning:

"Walked by last night and they were in full damage mode. Talked to these construction guys and they had no idea why they were there. ... When I walked by last night at around 1am the place was closed and had been water damaged somehow. I walked in and there was disarray."

I called the restaurant for an update, but there is no answering service. I will be following up to find out if it will be opening for service this week.

Here's an update from the restaurant's publicist:

"The Tortoise Club is open for business today, but the lounge floor is currently under repair. They had a pipe freeze that caused minor water damage in the lounge, but the main dining room and the Red Room are open for business today and the lounge will reopen on Wednesday. ... It turns out they will need to close (Feb. 5) as they do their repairs, but they're open for dinner tonight and then will re-open for lunch Wednesday morning at 11:30am."

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Michael said...

Sounds like maybe fire extinguishers went off, so fire and water damage?