Monday, April 23, 2012

Lupe Fiasco: Rap Star and Food Blogger?!


Yet another hip-hop star is getting into the dining game, but Chicago native Lupe Fiasco is penning his fondness for food instead of jumping into the restaurant biz.

On his current Australian tour, Fiasco's teaming up with the Food Republic for Lupe Fiasco Does Food Down Under Blog. It's actually pretty well written and in his latest entry, he gushes about Sydney's seafood:

"Hugo's Pizza Bar is a trendy supper club in the King's Cross district of Sydney. It specializes in—what else?—pizza. But what impressed me most was not the pizza at all, but the fact that it was a world-class seafood restaurant too. Scallop carpaccio was finished with lime, herbs and chilies and served in the scallop shell. It was unbelievably smooth and light, but with a slight kick and richness that just screams nothing short of perfection."

Here's the entire entry. Perhaps when Fiasco gets back to Chicago, he can guest write an entry or two for 312DD!

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